BCS Career Coaching Approach

We recognize that things are just different. As a black job seeker we face many barriers to career success such as unconscious biases, historical discrimination, obvious cultural differences, and even our own self-image can become a factor and can create a unique job search experience for us. In typical career coaching sessions, these cultural topics aren’t explored which can leave you—the job seeker—seeking solutions alone.

BCS Career Coaching infuses best practices in resume building, interview techniques and job negotiation with the perspective of the black job seeker experience. #InterviewingWhileBlack means that in some ways we face barriers; in some ways we benefit. Through our career coaching services, we bring expert tools to you to help you find success in your job search.

We recognize every client is unique with a diverse and rich background of experience. Yet, we all confront change (planned or unplanned). How do we navigate change in a healthy, productive and effective way?

We build a relationship with you to provide tools to help you through whole person / inclusive approach. We first prepare you mentally and emotionally, we take massive action, and then we follow through on the daily activities that bring success.

We offer effective resources that help to support you throughout your job search process. These free tools include:

•    Mastermind MeetUp Group

•   Career Preparation Videos

•   Career Preparation Blogs

Career coaching facilitates active change not from the posture of fear, but rather excitement about what is ahead!

BCS Career Coaching service has a waiting list.

Cost: $339 per session