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Our program can guarantee three outcomes: (1) a great job, (2) pay you deserve and (3) and an overall black perspective –all for the same monthly cost as LUNCH today. Your satisfaction is guaranteed, or you will receive your money back. No questions.

Black Career Success University is unique not only because Jennifer Tardy, Career Success Coach, is a trained and certified recruiter who understands the keys to getting a job quickly, but she also tailors advice and suggestions to the perspective of the black job seeker. This program was created by us and is tailored to our experiences. Black Career Success is the #1 source of essential career advice tailored to the Black job seeker.

What do our members receive?

  1. Complimentary annual coaching session
  2. Office hours – Talk to a Recruiter (LIVE)
  3. Online, on-demand career course
  4. Resume clinic
  5. Discounted on-going coaching
  6. Group Me Family Network
  7. Member only database
  8. BlackCareerSuccess T-Shirt
  9. Daily newsletter, free Blogs, free videos
Cost: $25 monthly  |  10% discount for semi-annual membership  |  20% discount for annual membership

Complimentary Annual Coaching Session: Receive one complementary coaching strategy session where Career Success Coach, Jennifer Tardy, will hear your story, as probing questions, and together a strategy will be created for your career search. You can use this strategy as a springboard for questions during office hours, to tailor your resume, and to network within GroupMe and externally.

Office Hours: Members can call in to a live hour long call and talk directly to Jennifer Tardy, Career Success Coach. This call lasts for 60 minutes and may either tackle a theme, or is open to as many career related questions as job seekers can ask.

Online, on-demand Career Course: “Black Career Success: Recruited, Interviewed, & Hired Fast” is a 6 hour online, on-demand course for job seekers. This course is open to everyone and tailored to the perspective of the Black job seeker. Instructor, Jennifer Tardy, combines her expertise in recruiting, her coaching style, and her own experience being a black job seeker to bring her students tools, tips, and resources to get hired quickly. In addition to teaching you the proven methods to get hired, this course also provides a higher perspective on the impact of diversity in recruitment. Upon completion of this course, you will have all of the information needed to get recruited, interviewed and hired FAST!

There are ten (10) sections:

  • Building a Resume
  • Conducting a Job Search
  • Submitting an Application
  • Interviewing While Black
  • Negotiating a Job Offer
  • BONUS SECTION: Getting a New Job Internally
  • BONUS SECTION: Overcoming Barriers to Career Success
  • BONUS SECTION: Diversity & Black Career Success
  • BONUS SECTION: Resigning from your Current Job
  • BONUS SECTION: Preparing the “Show Me” Generation

Resume Clinic: Within one week of membership, have a top notch resume developed that instantly confirms that you are the perfect match for a position. Watch the positive response you receive from recruiters and hiring managers. If you think your experience should speak for itself on your resume, you are wrong. There is a very unique and specific way to write your resume to ensure you will receive a call back.

Discounted Career Coaching: While others are paying $339/session for coaching, this membership allows you to pay 1/3 the cost. At $113/session, Career Success Coach, Jennifer Tardy, will help you to dive more deeply into what has blocked you in the past. For most, emotional and discriminatory blocks has prevented their success. Together, you and coach will get you directly to your dream job. Watch this three part video testimonial.

GroupMe Family Network: Want job seeking support and networking on-the-go? When you join Black Career Success University, you will have direct access to all members. In this safe space, you will be able to network with likeminded, positive individuals, seeking to take their career to the next level. Here, you can hear about their career journey, ask for advice of one another, find accountability partners and a tribe of people who believe in you like no one else has. You will also be able to post your career questions and get answers from Recruiters directly. In addition, you will be among the first to receive new updates and giveaways on behalf of Black Career Success.

BlackCareerSuccess T-Shirt: Just for becoming a member, you will receive you own Black Career Success t-shirt symbolizing your own determination to make you and your community better.

Member Only Database: Our BlackCareerSuccess database will be stocked full of Career coaching strategy talks, office hour discussions, and tools, tips, and resources not posted to the public. In addition, you will have access to a member database. This database will give you connections to people in industries all over for your network

Daily newsletter, free Blogs, free videos: And just so you do not miss any of the action, you will automatically be added to the BlackCareerSUccess Daily motivation newsletter which keeps you in the know when new blog posts and videos are added providing resources that can help you on your career search.

Cost: $25 monthly | 10% discount for semi-annual membership | 20% discount for annual membership

In career coaching, our biggest competition is not in other coaching programs, it is in job seekers thinking they can go at their career search alone. Do not fall into this category. There is help out here for you. Here is why you MUST partner with Black Career Success University TODAY!

  1. To break the “I hate my job” cycle. Or maybe you are entering a market and you never want to get in that cycle. No one wants to continue going from one bad job to another! It is time to find a career—that you love—once and for all. A coach can show you how.
  2. To break through emotional barriers. There is a lot of fear, doubt, skepticism that job seekers feel where it is about their own selves, their work, or their ability. It could be about the hiring process, or it could even be about the company. We help you to remove the emotional blocks that are preventing you from putting your best foot forward.
  3. We know how to read a resume like a recruiter. We will help you to make sure yours stands out among the crowd, no matter your level of experience.
  4. There ARE landmines within the interview process. Let BCSU will help you to navigate pot holes and pitfalls and confirm what’s acceptable and unacceptable during your hiring process.
  5. We know how Recruiters THINK. We are recruiters. We live and breathe the art of finding the right candidate. Working with BCSU will ensure you stand out to recruiters—each time.
  6. We know how Hiring Managers THINK. We know what makes candidates memorable. We know how they make hiring decisions. We even know what makes them uncomfortable during an interview.
  7. There’s a TON of unconscious bias in the interviewing process. Simply stated, the long held subconscious attitudes of recruiters and interviewers that affect their decision making has created employment barriers for Black job seekers. We can help you navigate.
  8. We help to determine your SALARY. It is not fun to have a job when the pay is much less than what you deserve or can live by. We show you market data that helps you to find the ideal pay and will help you to negotiate, where necessary.
  9. You need accountability. An accountability partner is there to remind you of your goal, deadlines, and most importantly why you ever decided to start looking for a job in the first place. An accountability partner will help to keep you on track until you are where you want to be.
  10. You need motivation. Landing the job of your dreams is not easy task. It takes a lot of work. To get this work done takes a lot of motivation. BCS allows you to surround yourself with other like-minded individuals that can help you to stay motivated. Our group is the most positive career support group you can find.
Cost: $25 monthly | 10% discount for semi-annual membership| 20% discount for annual membership

From BCS Founder, Jennifer Tardy:

“‘Black people don’t use career coaches!’ People tell me that often when I tell them the business I’m in.  We, as a Black society, are seen as a race of people who do not use coaches, go to the doctor, and refuse therapy. We just do not seek help until we MUST. Think about it. If you have been raised in a family that doesn’t seek outside help and support—getting a coach is not the first thing that comes to your mind. If you—like me—were raised to believe that you just need to be strong and strap up your boots and keep on marching, then coaching may seem a little foreign to you. To some, career coaching can even appear intimidating and even feel expensive or out of your league. But not Black Career Success University Coaching. We offer affordable, down to earth coaching tailored to the black job seeker’s perspective. Trust me. When you are on an island and you have no one to turn to for solid career advice—no uncle, dad, sister, or cousin is where you want to be—then coaching is a lifeline that you MUST pursue in order to get ahead and stay ahead. Maybe it is time to join a family who can support you to get to where you want to be. Try coaching today.”

Cost: $25 monthly | 10% discount for semi-annual membership| 20% discount for annual membership