Day #99 *April 09, 2018* – Control The Outcome—Control The Voice!

Day #99 *April 09, 2018* – Control The Outcome—Control The Voice!

“Who do you think you are?” “You could never do that.” “They have a degree; you don’t.”  “You don’t have the money!” “Why are you setting yourself up for failure?” “Are you crazy, no one’s ever done this before!” “You and I both know that you are never going to complete this!” “Why are you wasting your time—this will turn out just like before!” Sound familiar? It’s the little voice that lives inside of you and repeats messages over and over to you. Most of us are too familiar with the sound. It is subtle; it is impactful. And it gets louder with every new chance or new opportunity you pursue. But do not be too quick to judge the voice, however. It is not meant to hurt you. This voice is only trying to protect you from hurt, pain, and disappointment. Your only job is to keep moving forward in spite of the voice. Every GREAT and successful person has had to keep moving, despite the voice. You have to apply for the job or promotion—despite the voice. You have to ask for the raise—despite the voice. You must go out an network—despite the voice. And just when you think the voice will break you, the message changes. “Oh. They returned your call. Maybe this is possible.” “Okay, let’s try this one time!” “Maybe you are on to something here.” And then as you gain more wins, successes, and accomplishments, the same voice—you know the doubtful one—changes yet again. “Damn—this is impressive.” “I’m so proud of you!” “Look at what you’ve done!” “#You.Did.This.” Can you believe it? It is the same voice! Most people quit so early in the process and give in to the voice that they never get a chance to see that the voice can change! If you give your voice too much power in the beginning, it will paralyze you and you will never take action. The voice in your mind does not control your outcome, your outcome controls the voice in your mind. So—keep moving and keep pushing through. You cannot mute the little voice, but with every WIN you get, you can change its message. Keep going! 

Sending you Love & Light,
Your Career Success Coach




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