Day 146 | Focus On Your Strengths; Forget Everything Else

Day 146 | Focus On Your Strengths; Forget Everything Else

How often have you heard that you should improve upon areas where you are weak? Yes, I get it. Self-improvement is a good thing. But in my opinion, it is not for every aspect of your life. What if you only focused on improving what you are already good at? In other words, anything you are good at, become great it! Invest in your strengths and forget everything else! Well, actually, only fix a weakness if it is negatively affecting a strength or a talent of yours. Make sense? Focus is the key here. There is a reason why you are so talented in certain areas already. Imagine what your world would be like today if you entered your career through one of your many talents? There’s a reason others have been blessed to have talents where you are weak. Outsource. Let them do that work! Improving weaknesses has become this strive to perfection and has caused too many of us to become distracted from our innate talents and abilities. Maybe that is why you are not performing so well on your current job? The job you’ve selected requires you to perfect your weaknesses. Many of us are in jobs now where our talents aren’t needed and our weaknesses are required. Don’t feel bad. Acknowledge it, keep it in perspective, and consider the types of jobs that would allow you to freely invest in what you are already good at doing. Those jobs are out there. Actually, those are careers. Yours is out there just waiting for you.  Go and find it. And earn a ton of money doing it! It is possible. Just believe.

#KeepGoing, #KeepGrowing, #KeepGlowing

Sending you Love and Light,
Jennifer Tardy
Your Career Success Coach




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