Day 188 | If You Do Not Believe It—It Won’t Matter Anyway!

Day 188 | If You Do Not Believe It—It Won’t Matter Anyway!

#AllFeelingsMatter. You cannot cheat your feelings. How you FEEL about something is the greatest cause of its manifestation or its denial. For example, if you feel deeply unqualified for a job, odds are, you will act unqualified and you will be perceived (by the hiring manager) as unqualified. And ultimately, you will not get the job. If you feel deeply unworthy of a relationship, you will act as such and you will manifest unworthy treatment from others. You have to shift your feelings in order to shift your possibilities. No ONE can do it for you because you are the ultimate controller of those feelings. Interestingly, the more controlling someone is on the outside, I find, the more disarray the feel on the inside. I digress. To shift your feelings, try two things. First, pay attention to your thoughts. What are you telling yourself about your qualifications or worthiness? Most people never hear what they are whispering to themselves. Second, look for proof and confirmations of something you do want to feel. Where is the proof that you ARE qualified for this job? List the proof that you ARE worthy for this relationship. Start repeating these truths to yourself until it becomes the NEW narrative cycling through your thoughts. Your current circumstances are showing you a reflecting of your long held beliefs. Shift to positives beliefs, shift to a positive life.

#KeepGoing, #KeepGrowing, #KeepGlowing

Sending you Love and Light,
Jennifer Tardy
IDE Career Success Coach




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