Day #90 *March 31, 2018* – Release the Weight to Break This Cycle

Day #90 *March 31, 2018* – Release the Weight to Break This Cycle

Letting go is one of the easiest things to do physically, but one of the hardest things to do emotionally. Holding on is one of the easiest things to do emotionally and hardest to do physically. How much weight are you holding on to? Yes, weight! If you are still upset by how you were terminated, or by how you were treated by your last supervisor, or by the rejection that you received after a job interview that was so important to you—then you, dear friend, are carrying around weight. Where are you carrying this weight? Is it on your shoulders, your back, your mind? Are you dragging this weight everywhere you go? Employers can see you coming from a mile away. Regardless of how much they like you, no one will want to deal with the weight you are holding on to. If you do not learn to drop the weight that you’ve been carrying, that problem will continue to manifest again and again. Things are not happening to you, it’s happening because of you (bringing the weight with you). The employer knows it, your co-workers feel it—you seem to be the only person blind to how you are manifesting your own negative experiences. So if you want to let go of the emotional weight that you have been carrying, reflect on the problem, find your lesson within it, and release the outcome. Release the outcome = Release the weight. Forgiveness is giving up the thought that the past could have been any different. Not everything gets solved in the way you may desire, but I promise everything comes full circle. Release the weight to break this cycle. Release the weight to move forward. Release the weight to uncover your best career yet! 

Sending you Love & Light,
Your Career Success Coach



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