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“Black people DO NOT use Career Success Coaches!”

Here at Black Career Success, we often hear that Black people have no use for a Career Success Coach. This comes up when we share our vision to be the #1 Source of Essential Career Advice Tailored to the Black Job Seeker’s Experience. We, as a Black society, are seen as a race of people who not only do not use career coaches until we MUST, but we are also seen as a group that refuses to go to the doctor until we must, go to nutritionists until we MUST and oftentimes refuse to go to therapy…until we MUST.  We grit and bear the pain alone–not matter the type.

Think about it. If you have been raised in a family that doesn’t seek outside help and support—getting a coach is not the first thing that comes to your mind. If you—like many of us—were raised to believe that you need to be strong and ‘strap up your boots‘ and keep on marching, then coaching may seem a little foreign to you.

To some, career coaching can even appear intimidating and may even feel expensive or out of your league. Black Career Success advice and coaching is not that. We offer affordable–in most cases FREE–down to earth coaching tailored to your perspective.  Who do you turn to for solid career advice? Many of our staff know what its like to feel like you are on an island–going at your job search alone.

Trust us. Black Career Success is a lifeline that you MUST pursue in order to get ahead and stay ahead. Maybe it is time to join a family who can support you to get to where you want to be. Try working with us today. Satisfaction guaranteed!


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